About Holy Hog and the BBQ Industry

Thank you for visiting us, my name is Danny Hernandez. My family and I have been in the restaurant business since 1979, when we opened Pipo’s Cuban Café. Through the years we opened over a dozen stores, and the Brand still thrives in Tampa Bay. My passion for BBQ started many years before we opened the first Holy Hog in September of 2010. We have been perfecting our Brand and food every day since then. I think our perfect partner has these traits, passionate about the brand, the people who work for them, and the community they serve. We are looking for someone with strong leadership skills to be our partner in growing our Brand.

We look forward to sharing a taste of Holy Hog with you. I hope we have the opportunity to meet with you soon.

The Barbecue Landscape

BBQ Restaurants account for over 2% of the total restaurants in the U.S., yet it is ranked the 15th most consumed food in the U.S. This has catapulted into the spotlight through TV BBQs Competition Shows, Food Network and American pastime is heating up.

The BBQ Restaurant segment will surpass $3.5 billion in 2018.

The BBQ aficionados are now waiting to try all sauces, rubs and flavors that BBQ has to offer.

With the addition of direct deliver services, like UberEats, DoorStop. BiteSquad and many more; Americans are searching for an alternative to pizza and Chinese Food.

Training and Support; our commitment to you

  • Initial training at Holy Hog Tampa, etc. – 8 weeks before your store is scheduled to open we require you to attend a four-week training class in Tampa. These classes cover food knowledge, hiring practices, Marketing, Accounting and Financial classes. The last week of training you will be our hands-on Managing Partner, running our Training Store.
  • Pre-0pening: Assistance and Support – we are aware you will encounter many questions along the road to opening your Holy Hog location. We will assign you a Holy Hog Handler to assist you through all steps of the process.
  • Real Estate and Construction Assistance – We will assist and approve your location and site. In addition, once we have chosen a site we will assist you with lease negotiations, drawings (if needed), construction bids, as well as contractor selection. Once your project is underway, we will make site visit to ensure the process is as smooth and as seamless as possible.

What is the average length of time it takes to open a Holy Hog?

Financial requirements and staking your claim on your Territory

At Holy Hog we are always going to seek a second-generation restaurant space as first preference. Many of these spaces have hoods, grease traps, bathrooms and HVAC already in place.

  • Minimum cash liquidity = $59,000.00
  • Minimum credit score = 600 or higher FICO Score

Many stores can be opened with minimum cash requirements and an equipment lease depending on the space chosen.

Let’s Get Acquainted

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